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dot x dot: Working flexibly with talented creatives across the globe (00:02:09)


クリエイティブ集団「dot by dot inc.」のワークスタイルに焦点を当て、クリエイティブかつ効率的な働き方、そして2017年2月に石垣島で行われた “日本一早い春フェス” でのライブ演出の様子をドキュメンタリー化したグローバル・ブランディング映像です。

“dot x dot: Working flexibly with talented creatives across the globe” is a case study for Dropbox, one of the world's most popular cloud storage providers.

PULP’s Hideki Owa was responsible for the planning and direction of the video. The case study features dot by dot inc., a creative digital agency based in Tokyo with members spread worldwide. It focuses on how they use Dropbox Business and Dropbox Paper to stay connected and keep up with work away from the studio.

Creative Director / Planner / Art Director: Hideki Owa (PULP)
Producer: Ryoichiro Honma (Swimmy)
Director of Photography: Tatsuya Maekawa (Swimmy)
Camera & Drone Operator: Shota Nakajima
Production Manager: Kenji Kishita (Swimmy)
Production Company: Creative Hub Swimmy
Translator: Erica Sakai (Nuance Translation)
Featuring: dot by dot inc.
Client: Dropbox
Special Thanks: ゆるめるモ!, Takayuki Fukatsu (The Guild) & the lovely people of Ishigaki Island

April 2017
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