Visual identity & brand guidelines


MCAアドバンスが提供する信頼性の高いサービス、そして優れた体験価値をシンボライズすることを目的に、MCAアドバンスのVIデザイン開発を、PULP(ディレクション&デザイン)と Yrd Inc.(マネージメント)が共同で担当しました。

MCA-Advanced is a joint-use, self-operated wireless system that uses standardized LTE technology. In addition to being highly reliable in natural disasters and emergencies, it is a low-cost, high-security wireless system for business use.

Working with Yrd Inc., PULP directed the design of a new visual identity that reflects the robust reliability and quality of service that MCA-Advanced provides.

Project Director / Manager: Jun Yoshihara (Yrd Inc.)
Design Director: Hideki Owa (PULP)
Designers: Dan Vaughan & Hideki Owa (PULP)
Client: Mobile Radio Center, Inc.

July 2020
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