Sumally Pocket
2019 campaign



Sumally Pocket is an online service that allows users to send physical items into storage, and manage them from a smartphone app (imagine Dropbox for real-life storage). Having worked with Sumally Pocket in the past, PULP was approached once again to work on Sumally Pocket’s spring campaign.

PULP designed and developed a new website for the campaign, unique hero banners for other Sumally Pocket landing pages, and advertisements their social media pages. PULP worked alongside the Sumally team and TYO Inc. to develop the overall direction of the campaign, which included television advertising produced by One Sky Inc., TYO Inc., and AOI Pro.

Visit website — Japanese

Design Director: Hideki Owa (PULP)
Designer: Dan Vaughan (PULP)
Technical Director / Programmers: Sumally
Photographer: Tomohiko Tagawa
TV commercial & key visual by One Sky Inc., TYO Inc., AOI Pro. & Sumally
Client: Sumally

March 2019
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