iiidea Store for Riiiver
Web application

Citizen+Veldtのコネクテッドウオッチの核となるIoTプラットフォームサービス「Riiiver」。その専用ストア「iiidea Store」のディレクションおよびUX/UIデザインをPULPが担当しました。

※Sonyのスマートウォッチ「wena 3」でも利用可能になりました。

PULP oversaw the design renewal for the iiidea Store, a dedicated store at the center of CITIZEN, and Veldt’s IoT platform ‘Riiiver’ for smartwatches. PULP redesigned the iiidea store from the ground up, addressing usability issues and building a friendlier, more enjoyable user experience.

Design Director: Hideki Owa (PULP)
UX/UI Designers: Dan Vaughan & Hideki Owa (PULP)
Copywriter (JP): Shoichi Kitauchi (exwrite)
Technical Directors / Programmers: MountPosition Inc.
Client: Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

September 2021
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